Mercedes Benz GLC250 4MATIC




If you’re in the market for a mid-size, luxury SUV, then the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 ticks lots of boxes. Well-finished with a modern interior and plenty of user-friendly technology, the GLC is a great all-around package.


Featuring a 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine, paired with nine-speed automatic transmission, our GLC 250 long-termer delivers 155kW/350Nm. Sound deadening in the engine bay, isolates much of the engine noise and contributes to delivering a refined in-cabin experience.


Transmission changes are swift, and the engine has plenty of go on country roads, or stop-and-go in the city, where the idle-stop function comes into play. Fuel economy for my week was around 9.9L/100km of mixed driving, however, a 70km freeway and city run elicited economy of 7.9L.


At a glance, the GLC 250 test vehicle appears stylishly-confident. Open any one of the five doors on the GLC 250 and it’s a different story. The cabin greets you with a full leather interior with high end dash and centre console. It’s remarkably well finished with a modern combination of wood effect and brushed metal that elevates its interior from the competition. Seat comfort in the front is excellent, with supportive bolsters for driver and passenger.


In the rear, the story continues with good accommodation for second row guests. On a number of occasions, we needed to transport three adults in the rear and with plenty of leg and head room on offer, it wasn’t too much of a squeeze.


Behind the wheel, the GLC has the feel of a professional cockpit, the optional COMAND system with large 8.4-inch colour screen and touchpad giving a clear indication that technology is the focus in this SUV.


The GLC 250 comes standard with Mercedes-Benz’ impressive Driver Assistance Package Plus. It features a suite of active safety features that give the sensation that the driver and car are cocooned within the flow of traffic.


Adaptive cruise control allows the driver to set a cruising speed, like a regular cruise control but it maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front, slowing down and speeding up where necessary.


Active lane-keeping assist is like a Mercedes-Benz guardian angel and while other drivers may find it obtrusive and switch the function off, I love the reassurance it gives when you’re on the road. Cameras monitor line markings in the road and if they sense you’re travelling around a bend, you’ll feel a slight input through the steering to guide you as you corner.



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