Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited




The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a study in contradictions with an SUV’s off-road ability but a crossover’s car-like ride and its own take on rough styling, yet they all work together to create one stunning, capable, and appealing vehicle. The end result is a desirable substitute for even more expensive vehicles. Without the chopped, blocky look of the last-generation ute, today’s Jeep Grand Cherokee is quite a handsome ute.


Interior space is still quite good, and if anything, fit and finish has gotten better. New color schemes and new trim options, like open-pore wood, push the Grand Cherokee ever higher into luxury-vehicle terrain, though it doesn’t have the third-row seating


On the infotainment front, the Grand Cherokee stays in front with new Uconnect screens (five-inch or 8.4-inch) and its cleaner, simpler interface. Piped-in 3G data adds cloud-based services like voice-to-text and natural-language navigation via voice commands. Finally, there’s a Summit edition with every feature imaginable, including a 19-speaker, 825-watt Harman Kardon surround-sound audio system, including 12-channel amplifier and three subwoofers. At that level, the only option is a Blu-Ray DVD entertainment system–and we’d take iPads and WiFi connectivity in any case.




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